What does inspired leadership beyond today's management fashions look like?

Consultancy and management theories usually focus on the visible, the concrete and conscious, the rational. These are undoubtedly very important aspects of organization, but they do not constitute the whole reality.


Because emotions, irrationality and unconscious motives are also part of business reality. Many organizations do not work optimally because insufficient attention is paid to those aspects. Why do we not always get our results? Why have we already had three reorganisations, but does everyone feel that everything remains the same? Why can we make plans very well, but is it so difficult to realize them?

We map the concrete and the elusive, the conscious and unconscious for you with analytical sharpness and healthy purity that provides insight into the sides of your organization that you did not yet know. This diagnosis is a viable foundation for lasting change, performance improvement and greater employee satisfaction.

People- and result-oriented organizational change and development, merger, culture change, with wisdom and strength, poise and overview. 

Is this what your organization needs? How can I be of help?

I was a navy officer in the Dutch royal Navy, country director at the French technology consultant Devoteam, regional director at the Land Registry and city manager of various municipalities, faculty director at Erasmus university, leadership consultant with international corporations and director of the Twente economic board.

Educational background: a civil lawyer with business economics (RU Nijmegen) and executive master’s in organizational psychology (INSEAD). Theory U at MIT. Phenomenological therapist and constellator in family and organisational constellations and the life integration process (LIP) at the Nelles Institute in the Netherlands.

How clients describe me: “Authentic and sensitive. Strategic and innovative. Clear, balanced, and concrete”.

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