Why can we help everyone except ourselves?

You are a professional with a keen eye for others and organizations. And yet you are confronted with this question: Why can we help everyone except ourselves? The answer?

Because your growth potential is located in those parts of us that we (yet) can not see. Man learns to know himself in his relationship to the other, a view of Martin Buber. The other reflects who we really are. But sometimes it’s nice if the other is not a colleague, partner, friend or girlfriend. Distance creates perspective. I can help you to perceive yourself better.

Because all you need, all that you want to know, is already present in you.

Coen Aalders is an experienced Dutch change and transition executive, a consultant and coach. He started his career as an officer in procurement in the Royal Netherlands Navy. He holds master degrees in law and organisational psychology (INSEAD) and is trained in systems constellations and the Life Integration Process with Wilfried Nelles in Germany and in Theory U at MIT. 

He has a track record in organisational development, mergers, culture change and crises in the private and (mainly) public sector, and worked nationally and internationally. He worked, amongst others, as a country director with the French technology consulting company Devoteam, as director of the Dutch Land Registry and city manager of several cities.

Observers call him authentic, visionary, sensitive and clear.

Connect with Coen

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